Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Appropriate Technology

I've been working in India for about five years now, and I've yet to get through an entire week without at least one, "Oh my God," "Ah-ha," or eye-rolling moment. Sometimes they occur so often I just have to stop looking.

These are two photos of today's moment - a knife salesman cum scissors grinder parked in front of my favorite coffee spot in Hyderabad.

With a display of knives attached to the handlebars, a grinder attached to the crossbar, and a belt to the sproket-cluster, he owns a business that rakes in a huge 100 rupees a day (about $2.50) - with no overhead, and completely mobile.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Blogger David Gibbons said...

Brilliant !

You reminded me of this moment we shared - so I uploaded it - check it out - http://static.flickr.com/33/55636726_89466d484b.jpg

Delhi Motorcycle Repair Riksha's Ltd.

Miss Ya RW
Miss India Too - have Fun

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